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Bi-Monthly Column - Finding Ostropol Jews in Russian Publications 

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Feb 2019 Column 2Ostropol Fairs,  and Calendars of Fairs across Volhynia Guberniya
By Deborah Glassman copyright 2018

This is a series of newly researched articles,  each about Ostropol Jews in records published in Russia as books, periodicals, newspapers, and more. This one is  about a special category of records called Fair Calendars.  
Logan Kleinwaks,  a great contributor of tools that make the published works of multiple languages available to researchers, has provided a valuable genealogical resource. His website Genealogyindexer.org, which  provides good clear copies of all kinds of directories and yearbooks and government publications, also gives a way to search the Cyrillic fonts of Russian publications with your search fields entered in English. He single-handedly has given us a way to quickly “get on the same page” where Russian language info about our townsmen was published in the 1880s, 1890s, 1900s, and 1910s.

One of the Russian language sources on that page is a series of books called Commemorative Books of Volhynia. They are Yearbooks listing imporant resources and facilities across the province. Among other valuable information including the names of Russian officials, locations of post offices, train stations, and telegraph officies,  are calendars of Fairs across the region. Fairs, and marketing days in cities, towns, and villages, of Volhynia were  the major marketing mechanism for Jewish vendors, in the region for  four centuries.  

This is not a source that will give you the names of individual sellers or the names of participants at the fairs, though there were taxes and fees paid at these events that might be able to be tracked in various archived records.   This is a series of calendars that tell you the days the events were scheduled to be held each year.

Calendars were kept in most Jewish households. Contrary to what you might expect, the Jewish residents of Volhynia, knew a great many of the Feast Days of the Orthodox Church as many of the Fairs were based on those days. Just as in the pre-Russian period, they tracked the Roman Catholic feast days for the same reason, they were the days on which the authorities of the Commonwealth of Poland and Lithuania had authorized the privilege of holding a fair.



1917 Volhynia Guberniya Commemorative Book, Page 117, image 159. This page is for Fairs across Volhynia.  The unaugmented image can be found on Logan Kleinwaks page Genealogy Indexer, he obtained it with the permission of the National Library of Russia. The  town names in the typeface above are by me, to help you position yourself on the page if you are not familiar with Russian and wish to use Google Translate. 

The communities that start with the abbreviation m. are mestchekos, that is towns with dependent villages. The communities that start with the abbreviation c. are selos, which translates to village. On other pages you will also find the abbreviation that includes the Russian character г  which makes the sound of an English g and indicates a grod which is a city.

1917 Fairs
Ostropol's Fair is every two weeks on a Monday. That level of frequency indicates, that this is not much of a Fair, but rather an elevated market day. It was on a day when a Full Torah Service would have occurred weekly. Daughters were often named in synagogue on this occasion.
Lyubar's Fair is every two weeks on a Tuesday. Again, that indicates, that it was  not a traditional Fair, but perhaps a day when vendors from nearby towns would come to sell. Note that it was not on a day when a Full Torah Service would have occurred in the synagogue. 
Miropol's Fair is the 15th of every month and also on the Tenth Friday after Holy Easter. Miropol's monthly fair was able to take advantage of its location on the train line, people would bring goods from a distance for once a month. But the big event was an annual fair in the Summer time.

If you would like a translation of the other town's events  and dates, it is not difficult to use Google Translate to get that. If you would like my assistance with translating for your town, then I will do so in exchange for a 14.00 donation to aid the research into Ostropol's Jews.

1890 Fairs

1887 Fairs



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