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 Researching  Jewish Families in the territories of the Russian Empire and in the small Ukrainian town of Ostropol
Guild Merchant List from the Recruiting Records of 1850s
by Deborah G. Glassman
copyright 2018

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Guilds in Russia, had nothing to do with crafts, artisans, or the other usages of the rest of  Europe. The term had been acquired in the time of Peter the Great when he created new taxable categories of residents in cities, and volosts (towns with dependent villages). Like “guilds” of other parts of Europe, the category was specific to groups of people in commerce and providing merchant service. Unlike the usage in any other country, this was a tax status applied from central government.
An important perk of this soslovie/ tax ranking was that you and your heirs were exempt from Conscription, but Guild Members still appear in conscription records. In these 1850s documents they especially record those whose exemptions were noted, and those who were newly adopted into Guild Merchant families and those whose purchase of guild merchant certificates is new. But this list also includes around a dozen or so non-Guild Merchants who had special exemptions for purchasing a substitute or for changing cemistvo/ adoptions to become ineligible for the draft. So while the largest number are "guild merchants" you need to inspect the individual record.

Here is a list of the names in the image of the table below so you can search digitally as well as in the table:

Baraza, Avrum Yoina; Bargman, Aron; Beker, Gdal; Beker, Leyb Gersh; Belfer, Gershko; Belfer, Mordko; Belovski, Moishe; Biali, Berka; Bialo, Mendel; Bialo, Mordko; Bilenki, Shmul; Bomberg, Zelman; Braverman, Aron Leyb; Bresman, Khaim Volf; Briman, Shaya-Volf; Bronshteyn, Zus; Dziuba, Lipa; Ekhenberg, Moshko; Ekhenberg, Samson; Ekhenberg, Tevya; Feldman, Eli; Feldman, Manus; Frayerman, Yankel Movsha; Frayerman, Yos; Klubok, Gdal; Genyuk, Moshe Getzel; Genyuk, Vol; Gepesh, Menasha; Gepesh, Shmul Leyb; Gepesh, Srul Ber; Gilik, Gilya; Gilik, Moshko; Gilman, Gershko; Gilman, Mendel; Goikhberg, Leyba; Goikhberg, Yankel Samson; Goldich, Leyba; Goldich, Srul; Goyzenshteyn, Khuna; Goyzenshteyn, Tzalya Peysakh; Grinshteyn, Moshko; Kadushevich, Srul; Kama, Mordko; Khaitchik, Avrum; Khaitchik, Peisakh; Khudik, Itzka; Khudik, Mordka; Klubok, Sholom; Klubok, Yankel; Klubok, Srul; Krimer, Gershon; Krimer, Leyba Levy, Mordko; Litis, Yos ;Meerzon, Shmul Meer; Meerzon, Volf; Melamed, Itzka; Milimovka Leyva; Milrood, Mordko; Milrood, Avrum; Milrood, Leyb; Milrood, Shaya; Milrood, Yankel; Milrood, Yudka; Neiman, Khaim;  Nudelman, Eli Leizer;Nudelman, Gershon Volf; Nudelman, Refuel; Nudelman, Shmul; Polishuk, Meer Avrum; Polishuk, Pinkhas; Rabenka, Manus; Rabenka, Ovshey Volf; Reikhmanyuk Rakhmiel; Reikmanyuk , Moshko; Rubinshteyn, Avrum Ber; Rubinshteyn, Leyb; Shamus, Eli; Shamus, Movsha; Sholomonovich, Meilakh; Vaynshteyn, Shlioma; Vaynshteyn, Shmul; Vaysman, Eli; Vaysman, Benyamin; Vaysman, Elya; Vaysman, Ovsey; Viorpal?,Mikhel; Zabarka, Itzka Aron; Zabarka, Itzka Volf; Zaluka, Gdal; Zaluka, Moshko; Vayner, Zekharia; Zemlyak, Khaim Itzik; Zemlyak, Yukel;

Everyone in the table below is reported with their father's name. Around a dozen are not Guild Members but have special exemptions as the Guild Members do. Some have  more information, about adoption or transfer of cemistvo (to be eligible to be removed from draft lists). All are noted with their household numbers as of the 1851 Revision List. The additional information on their fathers, and whatever else is on the page, and an image of the page, can be purchased to support our ongoing resesarch

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