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Call-Up Lists for the Jews of Volhynia Guberniya born in 1859 to report in 1880
by Deborah Glassman, copyright 2019

Project - Accessing the Russian Newspapers of Legal Record (The Gazette Projects):  The Volinski Vedemosti 1880
The newspaper lists in 1880, from the official gazette of Volhynia guberniya gave a list of the towns in Novogrod Volinsky district, StaroKonstantinov district, Rovno district, Zaslov district, and Ostrog district, and listed specific Jews from each, who needed to report. The number given, is the number of Jews who were to report in each town. They were enumerated because they were all  born around 21 years prior. Other towns had listings in that year, but this group was in sequential issues of the newspaper and is at this time complete.
The Novogrod-Volinski district towns were:  Novogrod Volinski (7); Berezdov (3); Lyubar (7); Koretz (10); Ostropol (2); Miropol (1); Baranovka (1); Polonnoye (2); Rovno (2); Stepan (3); Gutchin (1); Mezhiretch (1); Dombrovitch (4); Kostopol (1); Visotsk (1); Zaslav (4); Labun (1); Gritsev (1); Ostrog (4); Kunev (2); Annopol (4)
The surnames for all of the towns of those born in 1859 or thereabouts, for Novogrod-Volinski District were:  
Novogrod-Volinski: Voina; Gekht; Levi; Morochnik; Sakhertchuk; Nus; Goldfarb
Berezdov: Vayner; Gendler; Shraiber
Lyubar: Sapozhnik; Pruzhenski; Shram; Marder; Nuzen; Grinberg; Graboyz;
Koretz: Sukinik;  Kovel; Bulda? [ image blurry]; Mamel; Neishtat; Kunitza;  Gilman; Shteynberg; Zaika; Gershengorn
Ostropol: Bein; Torgovitski - See image below
Miropol: Agres;
Baranovka: Ga*is, might be Galis or Gapis – image blurred
Polonnoye: Reitman; Khmelner;
The surnames for all of the towns in Rovno District were:
Rovno: Shekhet; Finkel; Dimerman; Kuperman; Tserliok
Stepan: Gil; Gibrikhter; Beker;
Tutchina: Bezfamilia
Dombrovitza: Turok; Bez; Pak; Gendler
Kostopol: Dudelzak
Visotzka: Bez
Zaslav for all of the towns in Zaslav District were:
Zaslav: Karasik; Guralnik; Zidelman; Melomed
Bilogorodka: Girshenfeld; Guberman
Labun: Shvaib
Gritzev: Agres
The surnames for all of the towns in Ostrog District were:
Ostrog: Koifman; Gokhban; Maister; Yelmonski
Kunev: Kelpenuk; Knizhnik
Annopol: Birbrener; Gokhshteyn; Goldman; Margulis
The surnames for all of the towns in StaroKonstantinov district were:
StaroKonstantinov: Bronshteyn;
Krasilov: Katz
An additional  list for the city (grod) of  StaroKonstantinov specified that unlike the others which were just those who were being called up in 1880, this list was from 1874-1880. Each man was 21 years of age on the call up date. The surnames for the city of StaroKonstantinov for men eligible for call-up from 1874-1880 were:

Beider; Karshin; Zilberfarb; Sandler; Rakhmanyuk
Ketchman; Voskoboinyuk; Reznik; Vaynreb; Volitzer; Biloguz; Berenshteyn; Sklar
Belfer; Bakman; Zaltzman; Golderarb [typo for Goldfarb?]; Garber; Rezkeblit; Vaynshteyn; Zilberman; Katz; Zegalman; Landa; Shostak; Gortinberg; Gluz; Garber; Shlyak; Kertchmar; Bulakh; Printz; Mildvorf; Zarider; Rabei; Vaynshelbaum; Shekhter; Khaminski; Shostak; Gilman; Rakhman; Aze; Teitelbaum; Yabdochik; Zinger; Aistatcher; Rekhtman; Kleitman; Kristengoltz; Sokel; Roifman; Shoikhet; Kitzis; Grinshtein

Note that none of the lists were alphabetical order in Russian and have not been alphabetized in English. Instead the order given  was meant  to convey in which order twenty-one years earlier, the men were born. 

The two Ostropolers appear in this image above - both Khaim Borukhovich Bein and Khaim Mendelovich Torgovitski were reported to appear for call-up, as men born in 1859 in 1880.

The men from Lyubar who were twenty-one in 1880, were listed with their first name, their father's name, and in the order from earliest born to last born in 1859. Graboyes is reported with a second surname. If you have found this on my website, you can just go to any contact form and tell me whose info you want and click on any of the payment links that are marked Conscription, Voter, or Tax List at 14.00 USD per individual.  As an example, for Shama Graboyes in the list below, that would get you his father’s name, and the other last name in the record, as well as any other relevant information. If you have found this on another site such as the Lyubar kehilla site, go to the https://jewishfamiliesofostropol.com/  and then follow those same instructions. ​​Contact me also, if you are interested in the arranging for a posting of similar call-up lists for those born in 1859 for the  other towns named. 



The males subject to callup were not listed in alphabetical order in Russian. They are listed from first born to last born in the year in which they were born. But to make it easier to search digitally, I am including an alphabetical list.
Agres  (2); Aistatcher; Aze; 

Bakman; Beider; Bein; Beker; Belfer;
Berenshteyn;  Bez  - not sure if this is a name or a comment that someone has died  (2);  Bezfamilia - not sure if this is a name or a comment that the family has all died;  
Birbrener;   Bronshteyn; Bulakh; Bulda? [ image blurry]; 

Dimerman; Dudelzak; 


Ga*is [Galis?]; Garber (2); Gekht; Gendler (2);   Gershengorn;  Gibrikhter;  Gil; Gilman (2)  Girshenfeld; Gluz; Gokhban;  Gokhshteyn;  Goldfarb (2)  Goldman;    Gortinberg;  Graboyz;   Grinberg;  
Grinshtein; Guberman; Guralnik; 

Karasik; Karshin; Katz (2); Kelpenuk; Kertchmar; Ketchman;
Khaminski; Khmelner; Kitzis; Kleitman; Knizhnik; 
Koifman;  Kovel; Kristengoltz; Kunitza;  Kuperman; 

Landa; Levi;

Maister; Mamel; Marder; Margulis; Melomed; Mildvorf;

Neishtat; Nus; Nuzen;

Pak; Printz; Pruzhenski; Rabei; Rakhman; Rakhmanyuk;
Reitman; Rekhtman; Rezkeblit; Reznik; Roifman; 

Sakhertchuk; Sandler; Sapozhnik; Shekhet; Shekhter; 
Shlyak; Shoikhet;  Shostak  (2);  Shraiber;  Shram; 
Shteynberg; Shvaib; Sklar; Sokel;  Sukinik; 

Teitelbaum; Torgovitski; Tserliok; Turok; Tzruzhenski;

Vayner; Vaynreb; Vaynshelbaum; Vaynshteyn; Voina;
 Volitzer;  Voskoboinyuk; Yabdochik; Yelmonski; Zaika; 
Zaltzman; Zarider;
Zegalman; Zidelman; Zilberfarb; Zilberman; Zinger;

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