​​The Jewish Families of Ostropol
 Researching  Jewish Families in the territories of the Russian Empire and in the small Ukrainian town of Ostropol


Ostropol's Imperial Russian Records​​ 1793-1918  This is the Section Header for all articles and materials from this time period - This section has the most original records, so far found

Ostropol's Poland-Lithuania Records 1580s-1795  This is the Section Header for all articles and materials from this time period

Ostropol's Soviet Records 1919-1991  This is the Section Header for all articles and materials from this time period

Ukraine's Records about former Ostropolers 1991 - to date  This is the Section Header for all articles and materials from this time period

 497 individual  Lyubar Voters of 1906 and 1907   on the  Lyubar kehilla website  AND   Lyubar Jews in the Soviet Military in WW2 AND 

Pages about Specific Families and Particular Individuals

Honors and Tributes to those who inspired us - Telling Stories iand Making Donations in their Honor and Memory

Genealogical Sketches of Ostropol Families

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​​New Tools and New Research on The Jewish Families of Ostropol
by Deborah G. Glassman copyright 2019 

This page began with the 2015 publication of a very large and comprehensive book - The Jewish Families of Ostropol by Deborah G. Glassman. 900 pages on high quality paper, it weighed in at six pounds. Annual or more frequent eBook updates, brought it first to 1200 pages then 1500 pages and finally in 2018, I had to decide how to continue adding to the resources that I had provided free after the initial purchase. The images and further analysis you can purchase or follow on these pages is my answer on how to keep growing the resources and research.

Are there  extant Russian Records that had been created for your Ostropol family? Would you like to be able to see the translation, the original, and the analysis that ties them  all together? Then these articles and indexes and Ostropol Research Pages will put those tools in your hand. Some of the materials added to this website in the last few months include the:  1875 Tax List of  Ostropol's Jewish townsmen;  1906 and 1907 Voters Lists of Jews of Ostropol; An 1859 Petition to the Tsar signed in Hebrew by 36 members of the Jewish community; 1859-1862 List of  new additions to the recruiting list; Ostropolers reported in the Birth metrikas from Chudnov, Zhitomir, and other towns in Volhynia guberniya; Information on every resident Jewish Family in 1834 from the 1834 Revision List; Information on Select families from the 1851 and 1858 Revision Lists; and more from every time period of Jewish residence in Ostropol. Soviet Military records, and Russian Empire Military Records are just part of the records created in Ostropol and its national jurisdictions.

Because I research down all family lines in Ostropol, I can see connections that others might miss while tracing a single line. I can find the records that tie your family in the US or Argentina, Canada, or Israel, to Russian documents created for Ostropol residents. Go to our New  Column Russian Documents of Emigrant Ostropolers   Records on individuals and records  newly accessed for the quarterly columns let me use a format that brings together work that is not "finished."  So I don't have to wait until I have a whole set of new records complete, I can share them as I find them, and we all win!  Because I can see how an Ostropol family connects to others in nearby towns like Lyubar and Baranovka, I can make more records available on all of the nearby towns and work on those projects incrementally too! Go to Nearby Towns  including Lyubar, Polonnoye, Baranovka, more

As I go forward I try to document every emigrated family of Ostropol too, and using different kinds of  records on each person created in their settlement lands also. So I look up all of the death certificates of folks buried in Ostropoler burial Society lots and learn the names used by the deceased, and their father's name as given on tombstones and death certificates, and their mothers' names as given on death dertificates and as given on  marriage records that tie to those same people. I hope to regularly be adding a marriage record from Buenos Aires that lists the  mother's name, and a police emigration record from Antwerp or Paris that reports the whereabouts and birthplaces of the parents of the emigrant as he moved through those cities. 

Some of the Articles on this Site You Need to See
*** Four New RUSSIAN Birth Sources on Your Ostropol Ancestors
***  Finding Your Ostropol Ancestor's Tax Status in 1906 (Guild Merchant or Meshanin )   December 2018 additions! 95 Guild Merchant Families Listed in the Recruit Lists of 1850s 
*** Ostropol Recruiting List (article) and index to hundreds of Ostropol Jewish  conscripts and their next of kin
*** Market Fairs of Ostropol and across nearby Volhynia (Schedules for towns across Volhynia)  
New Publications - eBooks, Columns, and Projects  
Our New Publication Anouncements page has complete lists on all the new eBooks, new Quarterly Columns, and new Projects being undertaken and planned.

** *Ostropol’s Revision List of 1834:   Using the Entire List for New Info on Your Family by Deborah G. Glassman copyright 2018      AND  Voters Lists of  Ostropol and Lyubar  
by Deborah G. Glassman copyright 2018      
***The Genyuk, Genyes, and Kennis Family of Ostropol
by Deborah G. Glassman copyright 2018 

AND more coming!
Quarterly Columns  
*** The Flip Side –Imperial Russian Records we can find from Records created both abroad and in Russia 
*** Ostropol Artifacts
*** Ostropol Genealogical Sketches  
*** Finding Ostropol Jews in Russian Publications
***Finding Jews from Ostropol and nearby towns in Volhynian Gazette (from The Vedemosti Projects) - Years being currently reviewed and indexed are 1860, 1861, 1865, 1866, 1868-1872, 1875, 1880, 1890, 1900 - See Call-Up List of 1880 for Jews born in 1859  See 1875 Tax List of Ostropol Jews  The June Update will include about  3 dozen new lists for Jews of Ostropol, Lyubar, and other towns of Novogrod Volinski District and StaroKonstantinov District!
***Reviewing the Kurlander Gazette for Jews passing through the port of Libau 1900-1910, Specifically indexing first, those from towns of Novogrod Volinski District including Ostropol and Lyubar, and those from StaroKonstantinov District - early lists for Sept 2019

Have Begun To Explore Co-ordinating In-Archive Searches for Ostropol and Lyubar Records, beginning with the Zhitomir Archives - Contact me if you are financially able to  participate in such  a project.

Introducing one of the eBooks you can buy, and an access tool you can use for free
Ostropol’s Revision List of 1834: 
Using the Entire List for New Info on Your Family 
by Deborah G. Glassman, copyright 2018

This book translates, provides images of each page, and provides context like no other. It is an eBook full of detailed analysis, info on over 1700 individuals, and how to use the list to determine second marriages, relationships that are not directly stated, and solutions to DNA puzzles, like the fifty sons-in-law who took their fathers-in-law' last names! The small eBook publication, Voter's Lists of Ostropol and Lyubar is included, 50.00 for both eBooks together. The  Voters' Lists was compiled by Deborah Glassman from images taken from the Volinski Vedemosti, the newspaper of legal record for Volhynia guberniya in editions of 1906, 1907, and 1912. If your ancestors were  among the 660 registered Jewish voters living in Ostropol or Lyubar in 1906 or 1907, this will give you their names and possibly those of their fathers. ​​Click the "Buy 1834 Revision List with Voters List" button.

I have also provided a method for you to search this material on this website, for individual families.  Go to  Searching the Heads of Family of the Ostropol Revision Lists of 1834-1840 to see the full list of heads of family, and to learn what information is included with each on their fathers, their spouses, children, siblings, and vital dates.  You can decide whether you want to purchase information on just a few people or buy the book. If you are searching for more than three people, the book is the better bargain in pricing.  It also explains a lot of new things like how to tell if your ancestor was married before,  how they are related to others with that surname in the same time period, and what you can tell about the families they were enumerated in sequential positions. If you buy the book, of course, you have images of every page in the Revision List as well as translations and analysis.

This is a list of the surnames  of the 1834 Revision List and its Supplements. Some names are in parenthesis in their American forms to help you recognize them. A full list is in the images on the page. but this way you can search for them both visually and digitally. 
Abramzon;  Akselrood; Barash; Baratz; Barona; Bayzerman; Begelfer; Beker; Belduver ; Belenki; Belfer; Belovski; Bergman;  Biali; Blomberg; Bluberg; Bomberg; Boordatch; Braverman; Bresman; Brodski; Broifuk; Bromberg; Bron; Bronberg; Bronfuks; Bronshteyn; Deitch; Dolgi; Dzuba; Dzus;  Feldman;  Freyerman; Fuks;
Galperin (Halperin); Gedritz; Geis; Gekhenberg (Echenberg); Gelser; Geltzer; Genyes; Genyuk; Geyzenshteyn (Aisenstein); Gilberg; Gilik (Gillick); Gilman; Glusman; Gochbarg; Goichberg; Goikhenberg (Echenberg); Goldberg; Goldach; Goldeshyuk; Goldich; Goldman; Grinsper  (Greensport); Groisman (Grossman); Grunberg (Greenberg); Grunshteyn (Greenstein); Gubernik; Guler (Giler); Gurshnik
Kabran; Kadushovich; Kaliner; Kamloon; Kantor; Kantoretz; Katz; Kaytan; Khariton; Khemluk; Khenyuk; Kheshyak; Khmelnitsky; Khodyak; Khodyes; Khudyak  (Chodiak, Chudiak); Khvonyik; Kibrun; Kirzner; Kleiner; Klubok; Kom; Korodkin; Kovel; Krimer; Ledin; Letis; Leveram?; Levi; Lissy; Lisyuk; Litzyuk; Mayster; Medinker; Meerzon  (Meyerson); Melamed; Milimovka; Milimovska; Milrod; Milrood; Morozhnik; Nudelman
Oikhenberg (Echenberg); Oishenshteyn (Aisenstein); Okhetz; Oks; Ostri; Perlin; Perlmuter; Podsar; Podzhar; Polansky; Polishuk; Politzuk; Polonski; Rabenka; Rabinovich; Reikhman; Rekmanyik; Rubinshteyn (Rubinstein); Rudenberg; Rudshteyn (Rudstein); Rurka; Rutberg; Rutman; Selsberg; Sevrenski; Shain; Shamis; Sheiberg; Sheinfeld; Sherberg; Shimel; Shlain; Shnitzer; Sholomonovich; Shpigelburd; Shpitz?; Shtarkberg (Starkberg); Shteynberg (Steinberg)
Shuster; Shvartzburd (Schwartzburd); Shvartzer (Schwartzer); Shvartzman (Schwartzman); Sirota; Skeletski; Sopreivnik; Srukh ; Streiknik; Surny; Teytelbaum; Urka  (Rurka); Vayner  (Weiner); Vaynshteyn (Weinstein); Vaysburd (Weisburd); Vayser (Weiser); Vaysman (Weisman); Vugman (Wagman); Yebednik; Zabarka; Zaguki; Zaluki; Zemlyak; Zigelbeim; Zilberberg;  
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​​Deborah Glassman has been working on projects in Jewish Family History, and Jewish History in Russia and in the Commonwealth of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, since 1972. Collaborative projects, crowd-sourced indexing, and identifying archival holdings and unused record sources for whole-town research is where she has made her mark.
"My great-grandparents lived in Ostropol, and the surrounding communities. I have loved learning about their ancestors, their siblings, and cousins and sharing the process with so many others."  - Deborah Glassman


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