​​The Jewish Families of Ostropol
 Researching  Jewish Families in the territories of the Russian Empire and in the small Ukrainian town of Ostropol

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Quarterly Column - New Publications on Ostropol's Jews on  this site - eBooks, Series (Columns), Projects, Services

Column 1 Nov 2018 - Fall 2018 Publications,  New Years 5779


Quarterly Columns, on all topics on this Website as of March 2019 
The list on this page will always be the most current.

The Flip Side (Imperial Russian Records we can find from Records created abroad)
Nov 2018 - Jewish Colonial Trust Bond Holders of Ostropol

Ostropol Genealogical Sketches and Namesake Chains
​Nov 2018 -  How I lost the Baal Shem Tov in the Ostropol 1834 Revision List (Zabarka family)
March 2019 Namesake Chains to Ostropol

Ostropol Artifacts
Nov 2018 -First 3 Images 

Ostropol Burial Societies
Nov 2018 Philadelphia, Mt Lebanon's Oldest Ostropol Section
March 2019 Montefiore NY Ostropoler Lots

Research Calendar of Ostropol's Jewish Community
March 2019 The Parameters of Each time period and details on pre 1795

Ostropolers in Other Towns

Ostropol's  Jewish Villages:
Gubin,  Knizhniki, Khnyaze, Ladogi, Miaskifka,  Mikelritzi, Mishkantz, Pechanovka, Pedynki, and more Coming Soon!
Ostropol DNA coming soon!

The Vedemosti Project Accessing the Russian Newspapers of Legal Record
​We currently are reviewing and indexing  for Jews from Ostropol and surrounding towns, the legal newspaper of Volhynia guberniya for the years 1860, 1861, 1865, 1866, 1868-1872, 1875, 1880, 1890, 1900.

On our site currently, are several articles from this work including:
and Men born in 1859 from Ostropol and the towns of the districts of Novogrod-Volinski, StaroKonstantinov, Rovno, Ostrog, and Zaslov- CallUp of 1890
Over thirty more selections are scheduled to be posted  June 2019

Kurlander Vedemosti - I have begun ordering the material covering 1900-1910. Will create an extract of Jewish migrants through the port of Libau, but the first postings will be for Jews from Novogrod-Volinski district including Ostropol and Lyubar,  and from the  StaroKonstantinov district. Expect to begin posting in Sept 2019

Accessing the Information embedded in the Matseva Photographs from American Ostropol and StaroKonstantinov burial societies and others from American cemeteries where Ostropolers are buried. This entails translating and Indexing the photographs of thousands of Cemetery Stone images taken by these amazing volunteers:  Frank Burd and William Burd for   Montefiore NY Ostropoler lots; New Montefiore NY Ostropoler lots;  Talmud Torah of Newark NJ  Ostropoler lots.
Barbi Harris for her work at Montefiore NY Ostropoler lots.
Joshua Oustatcher (all of the StaroKonstantinov lots in New York City's environs in 8 cemeteries),
Michael Glassman (Dirshu Tove lots at Mt Sharon near Phila.)
Alexander Glassman  (Montefiore Jenkintown near Philadelphia) 
Amanda Glassman
(Har Jehuda near Philadelphia)
And photos that I, Deborah Glassman  also took at Har Nebo's Dirshu Tove lots  in Phila and  separately more than  10,000 matsevot from  Montefiore Jenkintown outside Philadelphia in 2015, that are still sitting unindexed and untranslated.

Posting New Montefiore, Newark Talmud Torah, Dirshu Tove at Har Nebo for June 2019


Custom Searches  
I will do Custom Searches of the Newspaper of Record for Volhynia Guberniya. You need to give me a thirty day lead time in which to order the materials. When this is a search for a male birth or military call-up, I will search a 2yr period around a year you provide. Normally 60.00 USD for one two-year search,  sold in a package of 180.00 for four searches, a sixty dollar savings.

I will do Custom Searches of Imaged Birth and Death Metrika where I have those registers and where you specify a two year period. There is no guarantee that the material will be present in the registers if it has not been previously indexed. 

Family Summaries   
Ask me about a family summary on  your ancestors if I can connect them to their  own ancestors named in the 1834 Revision List. You get all of the family members we have identified, images of the original documents on which they appear from 1834 towards our time, information on who registered their surname in Ostropol in 1805, and a list of records so far found in which they appear. Family Summaries are 36.00 USD 

We are exploring how to best coordinate research in Ukrainian Archives
If you would like to have some of the first hands-on opportunity with records still in places like the Zhitomir Archives, let me know. I am working out prices and turn around times. The first records accessed for Ostropol would probably be  for the records of the 1851 and 1858 Revision Lists, the 1874 List of Jewish Males, and the 1816 Revision List. Comparable records would be sought for Lyubar. These records would be made available to the Ostropol Research community in the way other materials are on this website. In other words, you get the first shot, but not exclusivity. You also get my analysis of the material and how the people who are of interest to you are connected to other Ostropolers.

This is a very exciting opportunity, please contact me, if you want us seeking your family records in the archives.

If this goes well, we will reach into other Ukrainian and Russian Archives of  value to our Ostropol research.

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Write to Deborah Glassman  with any questions about Ostropol research or your family in Ostropol or Volhynia.  I have added dozens of  new articles and new lists about the Jews of Ostropol. Please come back frequently to see the new additions, the new quarterly columns, and artifacts and info! You can use this form, like all of the forms on this website, to tell me what information you would like to order, or what questions or feedback you have.  
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