​​The Jewish Families of Ostropol
 Researching  Jewish Families in the territories of the Russian Empire and in the small Ukrainian town of Ostropol

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Fill in Form on any page on website and then order from   Birth registers, Revision Lists, or Recruit Registers with this payment link   18.00 USD per individual's record

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Custom Searches
I will do Custom Searches of the Newspaper of Record for the Guberniyas,  for Volhynia and Podolia Guberniyas for male births. I will do Custom Searches of Imaged Birth and Death Metrika where I have those registers. The search is for a 2 yr period when you have the year from a non Russian source, the year you have, and the year previous. Normally 60.00 USD for one two-year search,  sold in a package of 180.00 for four searches, a sixty dollar savings.
Family Summaries ​​
Ask me about a family summary on  your ancestors from where they appear in the 1834 Revision List and back in time from there. You get all of the family members we have identified, images of the original documents on which they appear from 1834 towards our time, information on who registered their surname in Ostropol in 1805, and a list of records so far found in which they appear. 

Deborah Glassman's publishing company is  called "Breaking Down Brick Walls Genealogy Publishers" - that is the name that appears on your order and credit card statement . You are ordering  eBooks or Search Services for individuals in the records, unless you are purchasing the print edition of the Jewish Families of Ostropol.  If the eBook is not successfully downloaded you must inform me so I can get it to you by another means. There are no refunds for eBooks once they have been downloaded.  There are no refunds for Search Services,once the scope of work has been agreed. 
New Books for a New Year

 The Jewish Families of Ostropol has gotten overlarge for constant updating. The print edition is 900 pages, 8 1/2 x 11, and weighs 6 pounds! The eBook had grown past 1500 pages (formatted as if it too was 8 1/2  x 11) by last year! I am not sure of the best approach but I have started to break out individual families, tracing them back to the first member of their families in Ostropol and offering them in their own small eBooks. I have just finished the eBook, 

The Genyuk, Genyes, and Kennis Family of Ostropol
by Deborah G. Glassman copyright 2018. 
It traces this family  back to the 1740s and down to the generations that went to the US, Canada, Argentina, Israel, and more. It connects every one of the branches of this largest family of Ostropol. Every branch is documented and no father son relationship is claimed without documentary evidence. It is 100 pages and has detailed looks at the period before immigration, the things that had happened in the lives of people who emigrated at the ages of thirty to fifty.  It traces to a single set of common ancestors and kinsmen, the Genets (Genyuks) of Sherbrooke, Quebec;  the Freimans  of St Louis Missouri, the Gennets of Newark,  the Ganeks of Boston and the Kennis family of New York. Every member of this family has been connected by specific records to their predecessors. See how they connect to your other families too. Before 1850 they had married into Belfer, Savransky, Gilman, Bayzerman, Zemliak, and Meyerson families of Ostropol.  Come read it, enjoy it, and send a gift of it. The price is 36.00 USD There is a link to purchase this book in the large box on the left of this page.  Or just click here.

 ​Military Recruitment of Ostropol's Jews
By Deborah G. Glassman  © 2018 
Images, translations, and context from fifty Ostropol recruiting documents of the 1850s and 1860s for Ostropol's Jewish community.  Material from the 1834 Revision List and the Volhynian Gazette. The index and article posted on the website are from this material. Tie it all together with the original images and you have a tremendous resource to finding incredible details on your family.  Available for February 2019

Coming Soon!

Your Jewish Surname in  Ostropol
By Deborah G. Glassman  © 2018 
Every Jewish family of Ostropol  reported in the Revision and Tax Lists  with the name of the person who registered their surname in 1805 and the paths back to those founders. If the family came to Ostropol after 1834, that is documented also.

Family Summaries
Do you wish someone else would look up all of your direct ancestors from Ostropol and write it up? So that you get both the images of the records and the analysis of those records in which they appear? Ask me about that service for your ancestral surnames!

I am away January 2019, returning February 2019.
Hold your questions and orders until I return, please.

But Keep Reading! - there are now 20 pages to this Website as of 1 January 2019. A dozen more are ready to be posted in February 2019

1834 Revision List:
Using the Entire List for
New Info on Your Family 
by Deborah G. Glassman
copyright 2018

Getting More From the Revision List (extracts from the Book)

Parallel Lines – Surnames Shared by Brothers-in-Law What’s with the shaky DNA connections to people who share your Ostropol surname? Some are right on and others are way off. It is probably because you have one of the more than fifty surnames shared between brothers-in-law.

The Order in which  Ostropolers were listed in 1816 and 1834 can tell you their relatives. Fathers, sons, and brothers-in-law are identified with this one tool for over  150 specific  families.
365 Adult Females are analyzed so you can see whether this is a first or second marriage for the husband, her likely age at first marriage, and how soon after marriage her first  child  to pass one year was born.

300 Fathers, Grandfathers, Grandsons are arranged in a Namesake Tree, that lets you see the  years of death for the grandfathers, otherwise only identified as patronyms.

1750 Jews named in the Ostropol Revision List  and Supplements 1834-1840 are examined individually and with their families and in groups with shared characteristics.

Death Lists, Military Registration, Recruit Lists, Relationships between sequentially listed families, and a great deal MORE!

You get the Voters Lists of Ostropol and Lyubar included with this purchase.

There is a link to purchase this book in the large box on the left of every page on this site. Or just click here.

Voter's Lists of Ostropol and Lyubar

The first list I compiled is just of Jews from Ostropol or  from a village  in Ostropol volost, in  the three elections of 1906,1907, and 1912 The second is a name index of Jewish Voters from Ostropol and its villages and for Lyubar, for 1906,1907 and 1912. These lists were extracted from those published by the Russian government and  printed in the Volinski Vedemosti, the newspaper of record for Volhynia guberniya.

Jews were registered March 1906, Feb 1907, Nov 1907, and Sept 1912.
Differences between the printed lists in election years solve problems for genealogists. Officials were hurrying and the lists were large, so names were condensed from 1906 to 1912's publications. Jews listed with double given names and sometimes double patronyms in 1906 in addition to surnames, were dropped to just a single given name,  patronym, and surname in 1907. By 1912, the patronym was also dropped out so just first name and surname remain. Nicknames  were printed in the official lists in some years but in others, were replaced with the actual name. So Alter, Zeidel, Buzya, Zhenya may make an appearace in one year, to be replaced in another by the names that had been registered for the voter many years before.  The more years of records you use, the more details you find on individuals.

You will get the link for the Revision List eBook immediately and the PDF link for the Voters Lists will be SENT THE FOLLOWING DAY in a separate email. You only need to click one button for the combination of the Revision List and the Voters Lists publications

 I will be adding lists from the Voters Lists to the page Searching for Jews from Volhynia. So I can do  individual searches for people in this voters list, if you really don't want the material on the Revision Lists. Go to that page for ordering information.


100 Jewish Voters were reported  in Ostropol or a dependent village of Ostropol in 1906 and 1907. 

664  Jewish Voters were in Ostropol and Lyubar in those years. Lyubar had a large portion of its Jewish community originally from Ostropol.

Tax Registers were the source of the lists of eligible voters, and this is our first look at what they might hold.