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The Death of Your Ostropol Ancestor or Kinsman Before 1834
an extract from 
Ostropol’s Revision List of 1834:
Using the Entire List for New Info on Your Family 

by Deborah Glassman copyright 2018

There were 142 Jewish males of Ostropol whose deaths were reported in the 1834 Revision List. Each was given with his given name and surname, father's name, age at previous Revision List (which allows us to calculate birth year)  and specific year of death.  We can date sixteen of the deceased to the specific month of October 1830 when they died in a Cholera epidemic. Some of the 142 men were infants, some were grandfathers.  We have no data on wives and daughters who were not reported in this source.

The list that follows is of the first names and surnames of those who died. You want their birthdates and death years, their father's names, and all of the other information that can be derived from this source.  Fill in a form on any page on this site and tell me who you want and this page or the list you saw them on. Pay by clicking  on the links below or in the side menu. This is from the 1834 Revision List. You can get the extracted record by from ordering with this payment link from Birth Registers, Revision Lists, and Recruit Registers, for 18.00 USD per individual's record. You can click on the same link in the big menu box on the side of this page. Or you can order my whole book on the Revision List of 1834 and its analysis by clicking  Ostropol Revision List of 1834 AND Voters Lists of Ostropol and Lyubar 50.00 USD

Abramzon, Khaim; Akselrood, Khaim;
Barash, Yudko; Bazerman, Shlioma Leyba;  Beker, Geynakh; Belenki, Borukh; Belenki, Shmerl; Belovski, Yos-Menasha; Belver, Berko; Bergman, Volf; Bomberg, Leyba; Bomberg, Shlioma Nukhim; Braverman, Itzko; Braverman, Leyba; Brodski, Yos; Bronberg, Arye- Leyb; Bronberg, Eli Volf;

Deitch, Ruvin; Dolgi, Moshko; Feldman, Khaim; Feldman, Mendel; Feldman, Mikhel; Feldman, Shlioma (2);  Feldman, Yos; Freyerman, Arye Leyb; Freyerman, Avramko; Freyerman, Itzko (2); Freyerman, Mordko; Fuks, Sakhna;

Gedritz, Avram Yos; Gedritz, Itzka; Geltzer, Itzko; Geltzer, Zalman; Genyes, Meer-Yankel; Genyuk, Borukh; Genyuk, Ges; Genyuk, Volf-Ber; Genyuk, Yankel; Genyuk, Yontya; Gilik, Shlioma Zalman; Gilman, Volf; Glusman, Leyba; Golberg, Berko; Golberg, Leyzor; Golditch, Yankel; Goldman, Yankel (2); Grinsper, Avrum; Grunshteyn, Khaim Leyb; Gubernik, Srul Leyze;r Guler, Meer;Gurshnik, Ide-Leyb;

Kabran, Volf-Nisan; Kadushevich, Shlioma; Kamloon, Leyba; Kantoretz, Duvid; Kantorez, Khaim; Katz, Borukh Yos; Kaytan, Moshko; Khariton, Peysakh; Khemluk, Duvid; Khenyuk, Berko-Osher; Kheshyak, Eizor; Kheshyak, Moshko; Khodyak, Leyzor; Kibrun, Gde;l Kirzner-Blumberg, Duvid; Kleiner, Berko; Klubok, Leyzer; Klubok, Moshko; Korodkin, Ovsheya; Krimer, Mordko;

Ledin, Ovsheia; Ledin, Tzal; Lissy, Kiva;  Litzyuk, Yankel; Litzyuk, Yos;

Mayster, Gershko; Mayster, Yankel; Medinker, Zelik;  Meerzon, Yos-Yenokh; Melamed, Avrum; Melamed, Mendel; Melamed, Tzal; Morozhnik, Sabsa;

Neuman, Mikhel; Neuman, Nevakh; Nudelman, Avram; Nudelman, Ziler Volf;

Okhetz, Aron; Okhetz, Mordko; Oks, Mordko-Menasha; Perlin, Berko; Podzhar, Eli; Polansky, Mendel; Polishuk, Osher; Polishuk, Urtzio;

Rabenka, Berko; Reikhman, Movsha Leyba; Rekmanyuk, Leyba; Rurka, Mordko; Rutman, Leyba; Shamis, Leyba; Sheiberg, Gershko; Shimel, Shlioma; Shnitzer, Gershko; Shpigelburd, Itzko Beinyush; Shpigelburd, Menasha; Shpigelburd, Moshko; Shpigelburd, Shaya; Shpitz, Meer; Shtarkberg, Arye; Shtarkberg, Mordko; Shteynberg, Yos; Shuster, Nukhim; Shvarny, Usher; Shvartzburd, Srul; Shvartzer, Volf; Shvartzer, Yankel; Sirota, Avrum; Sopreivnik? Moshko; Streiknik, Aizik;

Urka (Rurka), Zelik; Vayner, Shaya; Vayner, Yos; Vaynshteyn, Eizer; Vaynshteyn, Eli Gersh; Vaynshteyn, Itzko; Vaynshteyn, Shlioma Nukhim; Vaysman, Leyba; Vaysman, Nusen; Vaysman, Shlioma;

Zabarka, Leyba;  Zabarka, Moshko;  Zabarka, Moshko Shlioma; Zabarka, Shlioma; Zaguki, Srul Yos; Zemlyak, Khaim-Avrum; Zigelbeim, Moshka; Zilberberg, Leyba

There is more information on the Cholera deaths, and the image below was one of several detaled reports by other European nations health departments, I found when I went looking for the specific date. The Revision List does not give even the year, but there was only one Cholera Epidemic in Russia before 1834. Some guberniyas kept files on the Cholera deaths that included women, and I am keeping my eye out for a similar document for one from Volhynia or at least from Novogrod Volinsky district in Volhynia. I have seen some from various Kiev guberniya districts.


American Quarterly Review, Vol 10, Sept and Dec 1831


COMING SOON Ostropol Deaths Reported in Other Towns

The Jewish Death Registers of Russian towns  after the 1850s recorded the legal town of residence for each party who died. Women and children were reported with the names oftheir husbands or fathers.  I am currently indexing the death records of Zhitomir  1881-1889  for folks from the towns of Novogrod-Volinsky District of Volhynia. Check back in November!

 The Zhitomir Archives definitely holds the Revision Lists of 1816, 1851, 1858, and 1874. I only have individual pages from each of these and do not yet have access to to OSTROPOL'S whole town's Revision Lists for those years.  Each of these will provide a list of deaths since the previous Revision.  Deaths are not Reported in Supplemental Revisions. The 1816 Revision List of Ostropol has been seen to quote ages in the previous Revision List with 1795 as the last instance. This may mean that it will list deaths between 1795 and 1816 as we see in the Zhitomer Revision Lists! The 1851 Revision reports deaths between 1834 and 1851. The 1858 reports those between 1851 and 1858. The 1874 reports those between 1858 and 1874. If we can get those full Revision Lists, I will index them and post the deaths on this page.

Coming Soon! - Deaths of Ostropol-Born Reported  in other Russian Empire Death Registers - new adds each month

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