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Special Recruiting Documents of THE 1850S for Ostropol’s Jews:  AN INDEX TO THE MATERIALS
by Deborah Glassman, copyright 2018

List for Digital Search of the Index of Recruiting Records for Ostropol. All of these people are named in the Rekruitskie Skazkie and associated lists of Recruits and those eligible for conscription. Some are not the recruits but are others cited in their records. This is not in strict alphabetical order and the "repeats" are people who appear in more than one document. Some only seem to to be repeats as they are different parties with different patronyms. A father may appear with more than one son. A head of a cemistvo may appear with more than one member of his family. A retrospective record may cover the same period covered in an original record  or in another retrospective.

?Surname missing, Peysakh Mikhel; Abramzon,Mikhel; Abramzon,Yoinakh Yankel; Akselrood,Gdash; Akselrood,Yankel; Akselrood,Ber; Akselrood, Gersh Volf (4);

Belenki,Volf;Baraza, Avrum Joina; Baratz,Avrum;Bargman,Aron; Bergman, Aron; Barona,Leyba; Begelfer, Volf;Beker, Gdal; Beker, Leyb; Beker, Volf Ber; Belenki,Gesya; Belenki,Samson; Belenki,Volf; Belenki,Shmul (3);Belenki,Yos (3); Belfer,Gdal Ber; Belfer, Gershko; Belfer,Mordko; Belovski, Shlioma;  Belovski, Moishe; Belovski, Yoyna; Belovski, Yoyne; Bergman, Zekhariah; Biali, Berka; Bialo, Mendel; Bialo, Mordko; Bialo, Shmul Meer ; Bialo, Shmul Meer; Bialo, Shmul Meer; Blubarg, Srul; Blumberg, Meer; Blumberg, Mekhel; Blumberg, Ovsey Leib; Bomberg, Zelman; Bomberg, Zus; Braverman, Aron Leyb;  Bresman, Khaim Volf; Briman, Shaya-Volf; Briman, Berko Shaya; Bron, Volky; Bronshteyn, Tzal; Bronshteyn, Zus; Bronshteyn, Leyb; Broverman, Aron Leyb Brun, Volko;  Brunshteyn, Malika [Meilekh]; Burdatch (Bordatch), Fridel;

Daitch Moshky; Daitch Moshky; Drukh Mordko Gersh; Drukh Tevya; Drukh Mordko; Drukh Tevya; Drukh Volf; Dziuba Lipa; Dziuba Abel;

Ekhenberg Moshko; Ekhenberg Itzki;Ekhenberg Samshon; Ekhenberg Samson; Ekhenberg Tevya; Ekhinberg Moishe; Ekhinberg Samson; F*man? Shmul Wolf; Feldman Eli; Feldman Manus; Feldman Mendel; Feldman Mendel;Feldman Eli; Feldman Yudko; Frayerman Yankel; Frayerman Yankel; Frayerman Yos; Frayerman Yos; Frayerman Yos; Freyerman Mordko ;Freyerman Yos; Freyerman Yankel; Freyerman Yos; Freyerman Yos Nataniel;

Gedritz Avrum; Geikhberg Itzky; Gekhberg Shaya; Geltzer Nusin; Genyes Gdash; Genyuk Gdal Ber; Genyuk Itzka; Genyuk Yakera; Genyuk Zelik; Genyuk or Gillick? Moshe Getzel; Genyuk Avrum; Genyuk Duvid; Genyuk Eli; Genyuk Eli; Genyuk Itzik; Genyuk Litman; Genyuk Moishe; Genyuk Nusin; Genyuk Nusin; Genyuk Vol; Genyuk Volf; Genyuk Volf ;Genyuk Volf; Genyuk Yakera; Genyuk Yakera; Gepesh Duvid; Gepesh Shmul Leyb; Gepesh Shmul Leyba; Gepesh Shaya; Gepesh Duvid; Gepesh Duvid; Gepesh Ikhil; Gepesh Menasha?; Gepesh Shmul Leyb ;Gepesh Shmul Leyb; Gepesh Srul; Gepesh Srul Ber; Gepet Srul Ber; Gepet Srul Ber; Geshkez Nus Shmul; Gilberg Yos David; Gilberg Yos Duvid; Gilik Gertz; Gilik Gertz; Gilik Gilya; Gilik Gertz; Gilik Gertz; Gilik Gertz; Gilik Moshko Shlioma; Gilik? Mendel; Giller Avrum; Giller Gdal; Giller Itzik; Giller Moshko; Gilman Gershko; Gilman Aizik; Gilman Avrum; Gilman Gershko; Gilman Gershko; Gilman Mendel ;Gilman Mendel; Gilman Mendel Rubin;Gilman Mordko; Ginyuk-Milrood Shmul Ber Go* Shmul Yos Goichberg Krimer Mordko Goikhberg Leyba Goikhberg Yankel Samson Goikhberg Itzky; Gokhberg Itzky; Goldich Leyba; Goldich Srul; Goldich Moishe; Goldich Srul ;Golditch Leyba; Golditch Leyba; Golditch Leyba Srul; Golditch Yankel; Goldman, Volf ; Goldman, Meer Mordko; Goldman Meer Mordky; Goldman Mordko Meer ;Goldman? Yukel; Goyzenshteyn Khuna; Goyzenshteyn Tzalya Peysakh; Goyzenshteyn Barukh Srul; Goyzenshteyn Nakhman Goyzenshteyn Tzal Grimberg Leyzer Grinbarg Duvid Grinberg Duvid Grinberg Leizer Grinberg Leizer Grinberg Leyzer Grinberg Srul Ber; Grinshteyn Moshko; Grunberg Duvid; Grunberg Srul Ber; Grunshteyn Moshka; Gubernik Avrumko; Gubernik Movshe; Guler Avrum; Guralnik Meer; Guralnik Meer; Gurshnik Meer;

Kabrun Moshko; Kabrun Movsha Avrum; Kadushevich Srul; Kama Ide Leyb; Kama Mordko; Kama Ida Leyba; Kantor Shaya; Kantor Yankel Ber; Kantor Yankel Ber; Kantor Manus Levin; Kantor Shaya; Kantor Shlioma Gersh; Kantoretz Semyon Khaim Oizer Khaitchik ,Avrum; Khaitchik Gdal Khaitchik Peisakh; Khaitchuk Duvid Leyb; Khudiak Gershko; Khudiak Geyzer; Moshka Khudiak Geyzer Moshka; Khudiak Meer; Khudik Itzka; Khudik Mordka; Kirzner – Blumberg Volf; Kleiman Noyakh; Kleiner Berko; Klubok Duvid; Klubok Gdal; Klubok Sholom; Klubok Barukh; Klubok Berka; Klubok Srul; Klubok Yankel; Klubok? Mendel;Koma Ide Leyb; Koselo Gershko; Koselo Meer; Krimer Gershon; Krimer Leyba;

Levenzon Mikhel;Levenzon Peretz; Levi Mordko; Levy Mordko; Levy Nusin; Levy Shmul; Lissy Kiva; Litis Yos; Lizyuk Gdal; Lizyuk Ekhil; Lizyuk Gdal;

Masyas? Khaim Oizer; Mayster Movsha Srul; Meerzon Yos Nukhim; Meerzon Volf; Meerzon Borukh; Meerzon Meer Gersh; Meerzon Moshko; Meerzon Shmul Meer (5);Meerzon Volf (3) Meerzon,  Yankel Leyba ;  Melamed Itzka; Melamed Yosel-Shmul; Melamed Aron; Melamed Motl; Melamed Motl; Milimovka Leyva; Milimovka Movsha Aron; Milimovka Shmul; Milrod Gdel; Milrood Aba; Milrood Avrum; Milrood Leyb; Milrood Leyba; Milrood Mordko; Milrood Mordko; Milrood Shaya;Milrood Shmul; Milrood Srul; Milrood Yankel;Milrood Yudka; Milrood Zelman; Milrood Mikhel Avrum;  Milrood Moshko; Milrood Yudko; Morozhnik Itzko; Neiman Khaim; Neiman Given name missing;

Nudelman Refuel; Nudelman Shmul; Nudelman Yankel Simkha; Nudelman Eli Leizer; Nudelman Gershon Volf; Nudelman Gertz; Nudelman Shimon;

Oikhenberg Shmul; Oisenshteyn Moshko; Oks Fishel Froima; Oks Fishel; Oks Froim; Ostri Duvid;

Perlmutter Gershko; Perlmutter Movsha; Podinker Toviya; Podzar Gershko; Polishuk Meer; Polishuk Pinkhas; Politzuk Fishel; Politzuk Shmul-Yos Polonski David;

Rabala Leyb ; Rabalo Leyba; Rabenka Ude Leyb; Rabenka Manus; Rabenka Ovshey Volf; Rabenki Movshe; Rabenko * ;Rabenko Yankel; Reikhmanyuk Rakhmiel; Reikmanyuk Moshko?; Rekhmanyuk Ire; Roizenshteyn Nevakh; Rubenki Meer Ovshei; Rubinshteyn Avrum Ber; Rubinshteyn Leyb; Rudenshteyn Leyba; Rudshteyn Yudko; Rudstein Leyba; Rurka Leviya; Rurka Yankel; 

Sevrenski Movsha Volf; Shamus Nakhman-Yos; Shamus Avrum; Shamus Eli; Shamus Khaim Oizer; Shamus Movsha; Shamus Movshe; Sherberg Yos; Shimel ? [Mutal?] Avrum; Sholomonovich Abram Yos; Sholomonovich Meilakh; Shpigelberd Orel Gdash; Shpigelburd Matus; Shpigelburd Duvid; Shpigelburd Motl; Shpitz Avrum; Shteynberg Daniel; Shulmanovich Melekh; Shuster Aron; Shutal Avrum; Shutvi? Avrum; Shvartzburd Nukhim; Shvartzer Nus; Shvartzman Genokh; Shvartzman Srul Avrum; Shvartzman Meer; Shvartzman Sakhna (2 of 2);Shvartzman Sakna (1 of 2); Shvartzman Shlioma; Skeletski Itzka; Skeletski Rakhmiel;

Teitelbaum Abram Moisey; Teitelbaum Lipa; Teper? Khaim; Vayner Mikhel; Vayner Zekharia; Vayner Mikhel; Vayner Nus; Vayner Yankel; Vayner Zekhariah; Vaynshteyn Itzik Khaim; Vaynshteyn Mikhel; Vaynshteyn Shlioma; Vaynshteyn Avrum; Vaynshteyn Duvid; Vaynshteyn Leyb Shlioma; Vaynshteyn Movsha; Vaynshteyn Shmul;Vaynshteyn Srul; Vaysman Aizek; Vaysman Benyamin; Vaysman Duvid-*; Vaysman Eli; Vaysman Elya ;Vaysman Meilekh; Vaysman Ovsey; Vaysman Volf; Vaysman Avram; Vaysman Duvid; Vaysman Khaim Leyzer; Vaysman Leyb; Vaysman Meer; Vaysman Shmul; Viorpal? Mikhel; Vugman Gershko; Vugman Khaim; Vugman Yeilis;

Zabarka Itzko; Zabarka Itzko; Zabarka Itzko Aron Zabarka Aron; Zabarka Arye Leyb; Zabarka Itzka;Zabarka Itzka; Zabarka Itzka Volf ;Zabarka Itzka Volf; Zabarka Itzka Volf ;Zabarka Leizer;Zabarka Leyb;Zabarka Mendel; Zabarka Moshka; Zabarka Moshko ;Zabarka Nusin; Zabarka Shaya; Zabarka Shmul; Zabarka Shmul; Zabarka Shmul; Zabarka Volf ; Zaguki Meilekh; Zaluka Gdal; Zaluka Moshko; Zavranski Moishe Volf ;Zavranski Shmuel; Zemlyak Avrum; Zemlyak Khaim; Zemlyak Khaim; Zemlyak Khaim Itzik; Zemlyak Vol;Zemlyak Volf; Zemlyak Yosel ;Zemlyak Yukel ;Zilberberg Yankel;

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