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 Researching  Jewish Families in the territories of the Russian Empire and in the small Ukrainian town of Ostropol

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Please read my articles and name indices on Jews of Lyubar on Lyubar Kehilla site : including birth records in the Chudnov metrika, and Vedemosti conscription Lists on the Lyubar Kehilla site  AND 

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1834 Revision List  Index to Jews of Baranovka, Goroditza, Koretz, and Polonnoye

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Volhynian Jews in WWI Casualty Lists  
by Deborah G. Glassman, copyright 2019

Logan Kleinwaks,  a great contributor of tools that make the published works of multiple languages available to researchers, has provided many valuable genealogical resources to researchers on the places Jews lived in the Russian Empire. His website Genealogyindexer.org which  provides good clear copies of all kinds of directories and yearbooks and government publications, also gives a way to search the Cyrillic fonts of Russian publications with your search fields entered in English. He single-handedly has given us a way to quickly “get on the same page” where Russian language info about our townsmen was published in the 1880s, 1890s, 1900s, and 1910s.

A source on those pages that I am just starting to utilize, are the Casualty Lists of World War I, divided up by guberniyas. I have found several men from our Ostropol, but each of these so far found, has come from a different ethnic community - Russian Orthodox, Roman Catholic, but not Jewish. The search has been more productive for Jewish residents of nearby towns - Lyubar, Starokonstantinov, Polonnoye, Baranovka, et al.  Each list shows those killed, wounded, and missing , but for our purposes it is most valuable because it divides up these men, by their places of legal residence. Then it goes on  to list their religious faith.

This page has as  its first person a wounded Jew of Rovno named Golinski, Borukh-Bentzion Nakhmanovich; next a Jew from Kovel named Goluvshteyn, Aizik Yankel. We don't have to guess who is Jewish and who is not, though the names are somwhat predictable. Each is annotated with the note "Yud." for Jew, whiler Russian Orthodox are noted as "Prav" which referred to the True Faith. Roman Catholics are noted as "Kat" for Katolik. The fourth on the list is a Jew from StaroKonstantinov, named Oistatcher, Meer Moishe Khaskelev who is missing as of the date 9 Nov 1914.
The next Jew is from little Kupel in Starokonstantinov district Roizen, Khaim Gersh Alterovich, he is followed by four others all dittoed to being Jews - their last names are Burshel (of Rovno); Nudel (of StaroKonstantinov) and Vaynshteyn of the same town. Shteynberg who comes next was from Ovruch. Mezheritz also from Rovno is specified as being from the mestcheko of Klevan. If you want more than just the surname, but a full translation, contact me.

At this time I have a couple of dozen Jews from StaroKonstantinov, about a dozen from Lyubar, and others from  throughoutthe districts of Zhitomir,  Rovno, Ostrog, Ovruch, and more. These same lists are available for Podolia and other guberniyas across the Empire.

I will post full lists in coming updates but as we post this to go to press, I just offer the names of Lyubar Jews so far extracted. I have available the father's names for each, the type of casualty, and the date reported.
Jews of Lyubar in WWI Russian Casualty Lists
Gilman, Shlema; Kagan, Itzko Khaim; Litvan, Yankel; Beim, Yakov; Makovoz, Keiman; Litvan, Avrum

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