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Finding Ostropol Jews in Russian Publications

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Quarterly Column- Finding Ostropol Jews in Russian Publications 
Nov 2018 Column 1Searching Russian Directories For Jews of Ostropol and Lyubar and Nearby Towns  
By Deborah Glassman copyright 2018

The first in a series of newly researched articles,  each about Ostropol Jews in records published in Russia as books, periodicals, newspapers, and more. This one is entirely about that category of works called variously, Directories, Address Books, and Economic Guides.
Logan Kleinwaks,  a great contributor of tools that make the published works of multiple languages available to researchers, has provided a valuable genealogical resource. His website Genealogyindexer.org which  provides good clear copies of all kinds of directories and yearbooks and government publications, also gives a way to search the Cyrillic fonts of Russian publications with your search fields entered in English. He single-handedly has given us a way to quickly “get on the same page” where Russian language info about our townsmen was published in the 1880s, 1890s, 1900s, and 1910s.

One of the Russian language sources on that page is the directory  called the Vsia Rossia, Spravochnaya i adresnaya kniga (All Russia, Reference and Address Book). It is a Russian business directory. I abbreviate it as Vsia Rus in the table below.  Editions so far posted on his site include 1895, 1897, 1899, 1900, and 1902. Another is the Roskie Medecinskie  Spisok (Russian Medical Directory) for the years 1894, 1898, 1905 and 1910.  A third included in the index I created below, is Spisok Fabrik I Zavodov Rossi (List of Factories and Mills of Russia) printed in 1910, which is as it says, a  directory to Russian mills and factories, with the names of their owners, the type of business conducted, and their physical locations. I will add more as I have the opportunity to search out and extract the material.
Note, as you use the lists, that the material that the original publisher chose to print, changed over the years. Which means that even when you find the same parties repeated, you can learn more about them, if you use each instance in which they appear.

The Vsia Rosia (the edition printed in 1895), which is  the version shared widely on Jewishgen.org’s database, has no given names or patronyms. But the original did include information on the tax status of the people named if they were Guild Merchants. I added that  information  into the charts below for general use, for the first time. Of the four  Ostropolers in 1895, three were guild merchants! Of the two Lyubarers of 1895, one was a guild merchant. The information in the 1895 edition  was arranged by uyezd, with all Novogrod Volinski businesses together.

Notes on the changes from year to year
The Vsia Rosia in 1895 included no given names or patronyms. Did include type of business and Guild Merchant status when applicable.

The Vsia Rosia in 1897 included first name, last name, partners, and business specifics (for some types of businesses like mills). The information was arranged by uyezd, with all Novogrod Volinski businesses together.
The Vsia Rosia in 1899 is not arranged visually by uyezd. You have to search by last name, and then it divides those names up by guberniya, and lists for each, first name, last name, patronym, and town where business is located. The names are arranged in paragraphs covering full pages. A  few businesses are specified on special pages. Banks and credit lenders have their own pages so Meir Glazberg of Ostropol’s bank can be found there. It would be interesting to learn if he was lending to mills, because a couple of years later, he was operating a mill in Chartoryia.
For an unknown reason there are no Jewish business owners in the 1900 directory labeled for either Ostropol or Lyubar while the 1902’s Vsia Rosia shows sixteen Jews from Lyubar and four from Ostropol.
I have not currently found issues after 1902, will keep searching and modify this list when they are found.
The medical directory for 1910 has two Ostropol Jewish doctors. I listed the other Jewish physicians around Novogrod Volinski district also from the 1905 Medical Directory.
I am searching for other years than 1910 for the Spisok Fabrik I Zavodov Rossi, that is the Directory of Factories and Mills.
Neat finds.
1895 – Neither of the steam mill owners in either Ostropol or Lyubar  were in the tax status  of Guild Merchants.
1895 – We learned that some of the enterrpises had multiple sites with a flour mill in Ostropol and Polonnoye for the same owner.
1895 – The steam mill in Lyubar was being used to grind grain. Others in Volhynia guberniya were used for running machinery, and cloth making.
1910 – The three business listed in the Directory of Factories and Mills for Ostropol and for Lyubar, were each water mills. Each were partnerships, and both of the Ostropol mills seemed to be partnerships of relatives sharing a surname. 
This is a Work in Progress. More people will be added for Ostropol and Lyubar as found. More people will be added to searchable lists for other Novogrod Volinski uyezd and Starokonstantinov uyezd towns, as interest is evidenced by researchers. Those lists already have their raw materials gathered, they are simply lower in the priority lists until some researchers indicate they are ready for them. In the list below, some names are obscured. When you purchase the information from me you get, all the names of the individuals, their fathers, partners, and kinsmen named in other years, as well as the page image.  You also get the opportunity to support the ongoing research on Ostropol, and the towns of Novogrod Volinski district and Starokonstantinov district. In the list below, Y under father means that yes I have his father's name, N means that I do not.




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