​​The Jewish Families of Ostropol
 Researching  Jewish Families in the territories of the Russian Empire and in the small Ukrainian town of Ostropol
Emigrated Ostropol Jewish Families
with  Russian Records

By Deborah G. Glassman
Copyright 2018

There are 240 different surnames of Ostropol which we have found in Russian records. There are that many again, that have been reported with an Ostropoler origin which we have not yet found in Russian records. If I do not have your family with a note of Russian records found, check back again, and write to me so we can work from what you know to find more. Everyone of these records is  available for purchase, or if you have skills with Russian handwriting, I can direct you to the  original images. Once again this article gives me the chance to thank Alex Krakovsky for making such a wealth of archival material available. You can go right  to his shared materials online to see the originals. Or you can take advantage of the work I have invested in making Ostropol materials available. You can see the original images alongside the translations and the annotations that I have contributed.  If you want  the materials from the Volhynian gazette, I have not found this material elsewhere. If you want the translations of the gazette’s material, or the full translations and images of the archival material, just write to me with one of the forms anywhere on this website and tell me what you are looking for. Metrika entries  and individual entries from Revision Lists are priced at 18.00 per unit and those from Conscription Lists , Tax Lists, or Voters Lists, are at 14.00 per record. 

I have created the documents reported for each of these 240 different families.Many of the records hold a dozen members of the same surnamed family. This report just tells you that the particular documents named, hold at least one Ostropoler with this surname.

But it is difficult to share  the images I initially posted, in a way that they can appear readable on phones so  I am making some changes here. I am  sharing  the surnames on this page so you can search  by image, article, and digitally.

This is a list of the specific Russian documents in which Ostropolers have already been confirmed present.  The letter that accompanies each of these sources is  used in the List of Surnames that follows to identify the records in which they appear, please refer back to this section as the Key or Legend of that list.

A. 1910, 1905, Russian Empire Directories that include Ostropol Jews include: the Roskie Medecinski  Spisok (Russian Medical Lists) of 1905 and 1910;  Spisok Fabrik I Zavodov Rossi (List of Russian  Factory Owners and Mill Operators of Russia) 1910; Vsia Rosia (Russian Business Directory) 1897, 1899, 1900, 1902.

 B. Voters Lists of Ostropol 1912, 1907, 1906. 
C. Voters Lists of Lyubar 1912, 1907, 1906

D. Birth Records Published in Metrika (Birth Registers) including those of: the Jewish Community of Chudnov 1897-1904; the Jewish Community of Zhitomir 1898-1901; the Jewish Community of Novogrod Volinsky 1874-1911; the Jewish Community of Zaslav 1845 -1851; the Jewish Community of Berdichev;  the Jewish Community of StaroKonstantinov (1866-1914); the Jewish Community of Kiev 1863-1912. These indexes are in-progress by Deborah Glassman and some are already included in individual listings. Complete records from those towns, are just for Ostropol and nearby towns. I have not made full indexes for these sources. To keep this key simple, just ask me which Registeris being noted for your surname.

E. Ostropol Meshanin Tax List of 1875. This is a list of Jewish taxpayers of 1875 who had the tax status of meshanin, that is townsman.

F. 1874 Ostropol births to Recruit list  A list of Jewish boys born anywhere in Russia in 1874 whose fathers were legal residents of Ostropol.

G. 1874 Revision List of Ostropol. This list is present and  purchasable by individual family and page number from Zhitomir State Archives, but is only marked in the listings of selected families for which we already have images or record extracts.

H. 1850s-1860s Ostropol Jewish Recruiting Documents  this is a  series of documents all of which specify that they are about the eligibility of Jewish boys and men of Ostropol who have already been recruited or  whose ongoing eligibility should be monitored

I. 1859 Petition to the Tsar this is a document with 36 signatures in Hebrew and Russian from leading members of the Jewish community, requesting that a new arrival in Ostropol, who shared a surname with a long-settled family, be clearly separated for tax and conscription purposes.

J. 1858 Ostropol Revision List This list is present and  purchasable by individual family and page number from Zhitomir State Archives, but is only marked in the listings of selected families for which we already have images or record extracts.

K. 1851 Ostropol Revision List This list is present and  purchasable by individual family and page number from Zhitomir State Archives, but is only marked in the listings of selected families for which we already have images or record extracts.

L. 1834-1840 Supplements to Ostropol 1834 Revision List

M. 1834 Ostropol Revision List We have every image and detailed analysis 

N. 1817-1827Supplements to Ostropol 1816 Revision List This list is present and  purchasable by individual family and page number from Zhitomir State Archives. It is marked for all families whose listing in 1834 says they were present and included in  1817-1827 Supplements to the Ostropol Revision of 1816.

O. 1816 Ostropol Revision List This list is present and  purchasable by individual family and page number from Zhitomir State Archives. It is marked for all families whose listing in 1834 says they were present and included in the Ostropol Revision of 1816 or its Supplements.

P. List of Deaths between 1816 and 1834 from 1834 Revision List - this information is available but has not yet been added to the those in the Surname list, check back in the next few weeks

Q. List of Victims of the 1830 Cholera Epidemic friom the 1834 Revision List this information is available but has not yet been added to the list by family name, check back in the next few weeks

R. Surname Registrant in 1805, by analysis - this is an analysis by Deborah Glassman for surnames registered in Ostropol in 1805, of the likely party to have registered the Surname 

S. Guild Tax List of Ostropol  (for the years 1906 and 1834, check back for additional years being added)

T. Surname Change in Russia showing previous surname

U. Officials of the Jewish Community by signature or statement on an Ostropol document. Additionally, Rabbis noted in documents created in Russia  as associated with Ostropol  are also listed here.

V. Soviet Document s at this time largely documents created in 1944 reporting the murder of Soviet citizens; or in the 1940s related to evacuation and relocation in front of the Nazi invasion. There are also a few documents related to the 1919-1920 pogroms in Ostropol

W. Misc. Russian Empire Documents Often found in individual searches of families- i.e. a petition to operate a tavern (thanks to Kiril Zemliak for sharing this Zemliak record),  or a record from a school board (i.e. Jewish Students in Volhynian Towns May 1841) -(thanks to Mary Jane Roth for sharing the names of 2 Ostropolers surnamed Zemliak and Steinberg. ). Also found with "flip-side" records - see the Jewish Colonial Trust records and more on  my website page "The Flip Side"

X Soviet Military Documents - added  for 1 Nov 2018

270 Ostropol families, by surname,  appearing in Russian records. (All of these are clearly linked to Ostropol in the Russian Records. Reference the key above for the Russian  records in which they are named

Abramzon E/H/I/M/O/R; Adelman D;  Agris B/ S/ ; Aingorn A/ B/ C/ S; Aizenstein B/ E/ /M/O/R/T; Akselrod C/E/H/M/O/R /S/ U;  Anik I/M/O/R 

Bakarach U/ ; Barash E/M/O/R/V; Baratz M/O/V; Barski D/F/ L/M/O/T; Bayzerman D/I/M/O/R; Beker (Baker) H/M/O/S/V; Belanki E/H/ I/ J/M/O/R ;Belfer B/E/I/M/O/R/S/V; Bergman E/M/O/S; Beru E/M/O/R/S/T; Beshovsky E/H/I/M/O/R/T; Biali B/C/H/M/O/R/ ;Blank B/; Bliman B/D/; Blumberg E/H/I/M/O/R/S; Bluwberg E/H/M/O/R; Botzwan D/;  Braverman B/E/H/M/O/R/S/ ; Bresman I/M/O/R/S/; BrimanB/D;  Brodski B/C/E/I/M/O/R/S; Bronshteyn E/ I/J/K/M/O/R; Bronberg or Bromberg M/O/R/; Bronfuks or Broifuk M/O/R; Bron E/H/I/ M/O/R/S/T;  Buntzis (Bundis) B/D; Burd E/M/O/R/T/V/X

Chernomorsky (Tchernimorsky) A/B/C/; Charny (Tcharny) B/; Chantzis(Khantzis) F/; Chariton (Khariton) B/E/I/M/O/R; Chodiak,  Chudiak (Khodiak, Khudiak)  M/O/R/V;

Deitch C/ I/ M/O/R; Demb B/; Derbermediger C/ V/; Dlagotz D/; Dolin B/M/O/ R/T/ W; Druch D/E/M/O/R/T; Dzuba B/M/O/ R; Dzus; D/M/O/R/S/;

Echenberg B/E/H/ I/J/K/L/M/O/R/T/U/V/W ; Egedin (Egeth) C/ M/O/T/S/;

Falikman V; Feldman C/ M/ O/ R/; Flikop B/; Flotman V/; Fraikhman (Freiman) C/E/ H/J/K/M/O/R/T/; Friedman B/S; Fuks (Fox) M/O/R/S;

Galperin, Alperin M/O/R; Gedritsh E/M/O/R/; Geis M/O/S/; Geler, Giler, Guler (Geller, Giller, Heller) B/C/E/M/O/R/S; Gen, Gins C/; Genyes M/O/R; Genyuk B/C/E/H/I/M/O/R/V; Gepish D/E/I; Gerbich, Gorbatch A/B/D/M/O/R/T/; Gilberg B/C/E/H/I/M/O/R; Gilik, Golik (Gillick) B/C/E/H/I/M/O/P/Q/R/S/V/X ; Gilman B/C/D/E/F/H/I/M/O/R; Gladshtein V/; Glatzer M/O/T; Glusman M/O/R;
Gochberg (Goichberg, Hochberg M/O/R/T);  Goldberg D/M/O/; Goldis E/M/O/R/T; Golditch D/E/H/I/M/O/R; Goldman B/H/M/O/R; Goldstein B/C; Goltzman (Holtzman) B/C/; Groisman (Grossman) C/E/M/O/R; Grunberg (Greenberg) C/E/H/M/O/R/S; Grunfeld (Greenfield) A/B/C/M/O/R/S/W; Grunsper; (Greensport) M/O/R; Grunshteyn (Greenstein) M/O/R/; Gubernik (Gubernick) E/M/O/R/S/; Guralnik B/E/H/M/O/R/T;  Gurvitch (Horowitz) U;

Kabrun M/O/R/; Kadushavich M/O/R/S;  Kaliner, Kelner C/E/M/O/R; Kamenir V;  Kamloon M/O/R; Kantor C/E/H/I/J/K/L;  Kantoretz,    Kantorez C/I/J/K/M/O/R/U/V; Kaplan B/; Katz C/M/O/; Kaytan M/O/R/S; Khemluk M/O/R/; Kheshyak M/O/R/; Khmelnitsky M/O/R/; Khvonyik M/O/; Kibrun M/O/R/S; Kirzner, Korzner M/O/R/S; Kitner S/; Kleiman B; Kleiner M/O/T/ ;Kleinerman B/; Kligerman B; Klubok B/M/O/R/; Kniznick B/D/; Knop B/V/; Kom (Kama) H/M/O/R/; Kosi (Kusis) H/I/; Koteliansky A/B/; Kotler B/; Kovel M/O/R/S; Kovalenko U/; Krimer B/E/M/O/R/S/T/U; Krikovits, Kritosvits B/; Krupnik B/V;

Lapida B/; Lauterstein D/;  Laynklimb V/;  Ledin M/O/R/S/; Leifer B/V; Letis M/O/R/; Leventon C/; Leveram L/; Levinzon M/O/R/T/; Levy C/H/M/N/R/; Liberchuk B/; Lipshitz A/; Lisak (Litzyuk)  B/ E/ M/O/R/U; Lissy B/E/I/M/O/R; Listernak C/; Litvak (Ludwig) C/; Livner (Livni) B/; Lubarsky F/V; Lubimirsky V/ ; Lvovska, Lvovsky V/;

Malina V/;  Malkis V/; Marder B/C/;  Margulis V/;  Mayster E/M/O/R; Meerzon (Meyerson) C/E/H/I/M/O/R/; Meishenzon,  Moischeson B/; Melamed C/E/I/M/O/R; Mesonzhik H/; Milimovka (MIlnifker) M/O/R/U/V; Milis, Millicz V/;  Millman V/; Milrood E/H/M/O/R/;  Mindman V/; Markowiecki, Morkovitzki V/; Moisechson W/; Morozhnik J/K/M/O/R/; Muravoy V/;  

Neiman, Neuman C/E/M/O/R;  Nuchimson A/B/S/W; Nudelman C/D/E/H/M/O/R/S/V; Oks, Okhetz C/M/O/R/S; Ostri M/O/R/S; 

Pakman (Packman) A/B/;  Pedinker M/O/R/S/; Perlman M/O/R/T;  Perlmuter B/M/O/R/U/; Piltch, Pilz B/; Pilverman, Pulverman B/; Podjar, Podzhar B/C/M/O/R/S/X;  Polishuk A/M/O/R/S; Polansky, Polonsky C/H/I/M/O/R/S/V/U;

Rabenki M/O/R/;  Rabinovich (Rabinowitz) C/E/M/O/R/; Reider (Rader) E/; Reife (Greif) C/; Reisman E/; Rekhtman, (Reichman AND Rakhman) B/M/O/R/S/X; Roitenberg C/M/O/R/; Rosenberg B/E/M/O/R/T/; Rosenstein B/E/M/O/R/T/; Rothstein E/M/O/R/T/;  Rubinstein C/M/O/; Rudstein, Rudinstein M/O/R/; Rurka M/O/R/;  Rutberg M/O/R/S; Rutish; E/;

Saltzberg M/O/R/;  Savransky E/H/I/M/O/R/; Segal (Tzigel, Cigal) M/O/R/T/S; Shafer B/M/O/R/; Shain C/I/M/O/R/S; Shalita B/U; Shamis C/E/M/O/R/; Shatz B/C/; Sheinberg B/; Sheinfeld (Shoenfeld) M/O/R/S/V; Sherberg E/M/O/R/S; Shimel; Shimelfarb M/O/R/S/V; Shkolnik (Skolnick) A/; Shlain, Shlaen M/O/R/S/; Shmuter B/; Shnitzer M/O/R/S/; Shpigelberg, Shpigelburd (Speigelburd) E/H/I/M/O/R/S/U; Shpitz M/O/R/S; Shrier, Schrier E/; Shulmanowitz A/E/H/I/M/O/R/T/;  Shuster, Shusterman B/E/H/M/O/R/; Shvartzburd (Schwartzburd) E/H/I/M/O/R/T/; Shvartzer (Schwartzer) E/I/M/O/R/; Shvartzman (Schwartzman) H/M/O/R; Sirota C/M/O/R/S; Skaletski E/H/ M/O/R/;  Starkberg M/O/R/; Steinberg L/M/O/R; Steinpas, Steinpres U/; Streiknik M/O/R/S/; Subinshteyn E/; Svichar, Svicharny (Sweitzer) B/M/O/R/V; 

Teitelbaum B/M/O/R/;

Vaserman (Wasserman) W/; Veksel B/; Veksler (Wechsler) B/; Veksman B/; Veldman, Valdman M/O/R/T; Vidman B/; Vugman, Vugshmidt (Wagman) D/M/O/R/T; Vayner (Weiner) E/M/O/R/S; Vaynshteyn (Weinstein) E/I/M/O/R/; Vaysburd, Vaysberg (Weisberg) M/O/R/S/T/; Vayser (Weiser) M/O/R/; Vaysman (Weisman) E/H/I/M/O/R/;

Zabarka B/E/H/L/M/O/P/R/T/; Zaltzman (Saltzman) M/O/R/; Zaluki, Zaguki L/M/O/R/S; Zamchuk B1912 /; Zamochnik B/; Zemliak B/E/H/J/K/L/M/N/O/R/V/W ; Zilberberg D/M/O/R/T;

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All of these Families were said to have lived in  Ostropol,  but I have not found a specific emigration record citing Ostropol and they have not yet  been found in Russian records. 

Asnes (found in Khmelnik); Auerbach; Banderman; Bein;  Benoff; Berenson, Blick (reportedly from Cherny Ostrow); Brestowitski; Britanchuk (from Miropol and Polonnoye); Buchrinsky; Chaichik (Tchaichik); Chudnofsky (Tchudnofsky); Chekanofsky (Tchekhanofsky); Dobren;  Druckman; Drucker; Etmaker;  Farber;  Filler;  Gen;  Gershenblit; Golodner; Gornstein; Glassberg; Goldfarb; Janofsky;  Josevich (Yosovich); Kagan (Kogan); Kaiman; Karp; Kasday; Kemper;  Kendler; Kerman; Kesselman (records from Zhitomir and Polonnoye);  Keysler; Khaimowitz (Chaimowitz); Kostakowsky; Koszawicz; Kreissman; Kreitzer; Kremerman; Krisilof; Kuperman; Kushner; Kutcher; Kushman; Landisberg; Lesser; Levak; Levin;  Levita; Lieberstein; Litman; Litenetsky; Manster;  Marantz;  Markinson;  Meilachis;  Mett;  Milstein;  Nishet;  Nisenzon; Nuss, Offenber; Oransoff;  Ordinsky;  Rabelsky; Ratkowsky;  Ratushnik; Resnik;  Rifkin;  Ring;   Rosenfeld;  Rosenstrakh; Rotchetsky; Saginur; Saponsky; Scharatz; Sheinbein;  Sherlis,  Sherman,  Shier;  Shlager; Shlichtman; Shmerlin; Shneirman; Shnoper; Shvartz;  Silber; Silberman;  Silberstein, Simon;  Sores; Soslofsky; Spector; Stivikovsky;  Stolar;  Styeransky; Task; Teitelman;  Teller; Tessler; Vorono; Vaserman (Vaselman); Vinokur; Wolfson; Yakers; Yuttal; Zipor (Chapper);  

All of these families specifically listed their Ostropol birth or last residence in Migration Records, but have either not been found in Russian records or just found in Lyubar records.

Aizenberg; Basil; Basman;  Betrokarnitsky; Bukowiner; Choros (Khoroz);  Datz; Dion;  Dergel; Dirkatz; Drell; Dropsitz; Dvosis; Ehrlich;  Feierstein; Fershtman;  Fishbein; Foigrel; Fleisher; Galanternik;  German (Herman); Godkes (Hodkes, Otkis); Grezofsky; Grunvald; Handlerschlok; Hofer; Iwanitzki; Khalfin (Chalfin); Karol; Katchka; Kleitman; Kotik; Kotsichen; Kotler;  Kovalenko; Kowadler; Kravitz; Kuperschmidt; Lesavoy (found in Chudnov);  Maltz (Maltzich);  Mandel;  Marshak;  Medres,  Melogowsky;  Menukhes; Meshangiser;  Munder; Michelbein;    Oderman; Okshendler; Osovski; Pache;  Parnas;  Peindler;  Peltzman;  Perkis;  Perls;  Perlstein;  Peteshuk;  Pilovsky;  Pituch; Plasser;  Plone;  Pogrebinski;  Poianov;  Poibis;  Polinovsky; Popelnitzer; Prinz;  Pugach; Rafaevich; Raskin;  Revinson (Rubinson);  Richter; Rosenman; Rosensaft; Rosenzweig;  Rothman (Rudman); Rothwarf (in a record with Russian address but was not a Russian record);  Sandler;  Schlichtman; Schreiber; Schreibstein; Shapiro;  Sutelman (Sutelan); Tenzer; Tretiak (was from Ostropol village of Ladogi); Tschlapak (Slepak); Toibis (Tubis); Toker;  Zamchuk; Zarider;  Zausner; Zochewer; Zuckerman (Cikinovker); Zusman (Susman); 
Families  that can now be moved from this category to the main listing of Ostropolers for Nov 2018 - Karol; Katchka; Kleitman; Maltz; Oderman; Petukh;  Rothwarf; Zamchuk, Zusman

All of these families  are cited as connected to Ostropolers in records of their post-emigration countries, but  found only in the Lyubar tax and voter records and directories. 

Balk; Bleifer; Derberamdiker;  Dorfman; Drus;  Feingold; Filstein; Fishman; Giter; Gochman; Guberman; Gus (Gaz); Khaskelson; Kofman (Kaufman); Koltun; Kris; Krystal (Rishtal, Rishal); Ladner; Landa;  Leib; Lekach; Lerman;  Lerner;  Lieb;  Liebman; Mazel (Mazer);  Priven; Raivy;  Ravitch; Ribstein;  Rogul; Roitfeld;  Shechtman; Shoichet; Shpielberg; Tepper;  Tcherashny;


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