​​The Jewish Families of Ostropol
 Researching  Jewish Families in the territories of the Russian Empire and in the small Ukrainian town of Ostropol
​​Searching for Jews from Volhynia Gubernyia
in the Volhynian Gazette,
 Birth Registers, and More
from original research, translations, and analysis
Deborah Glassman, copyright 2018

There are  three new sources of Russian Jewish birth records.  Two are for boys only, because the government was using the records  to track them for conscription. One can be used if you know the town, your family was from, even if you know the baby was born somewhere else or born in a town whose birth register no longer exits.  The second will be able to be  used if you are looking for a boy born anywhere in Volhynia guberniya and you know the last name.  The third, which had long been known, but is now being indexed  is the birth register  for the town where actually born, if it was  preserved in an archives.  ​

What I am doing is creating by hand and hard work, indexes to newspaper records of Imperial Russia that mention Jews. I am also going through government archives looking for files that mention Jews from around Volhynia guberniya. ​I have, for instance,  a list comparable to the one shown on this page for Baranovka, for every town in Novogrod Volinski District and in Starokonstantinov district for the year 1875. Am working to build that for more years and more towns.  Have currently captured the data for more years, but have not finished transcribing it.

We  are acquiring the data from published tax and property records related to  Jews in the towns we are searching. There are lists of land and lease transfers, of people named for police and court fines, and court disputes of all kinds. I need your help to find the resources to acquire and search these sources, to gain images and to index them while funding new research.  I am  posting  lists on this website with  some information obscured. Some will be posted on kehilla sites, so please tell me where you found  your link, and please support those hard-working kehilla site leaders.  When you fill in the form telling me what you want and then click on the button to pay, (or the other way around) I will send you the full material on the person cited. 

You never have to buy a pig in a poke. I will post lists right on this site and on those of kehilla sites with interested webmasters. If the information you want is included, just  click the button and fill in the form specifying the data you want. 

New Lists  and Instructions for Ordering!

Your purchase supports on-going research in original records for everyone.
The price is 18.00 USD per individual Birth Record. (Pay with the Birth Register and Revision List links on each page, and also fill in an order by any webform on any page on this site  telling me whose records you want from which list)

The price is 14.00 USD for any record from a Conscription, Tax or Voters List (Pay with the Conscrioption, Tax, or Voters List link  on each page, and also fill in an order by any webform on any page on this site  telling me whose records you want from which list)

Polonnoye  Residents in other Birth Metrikas
There are 38  infants from Polonnoye who were born in Chudnov in the years 1897-1904, minus the missing years listed in the image description. You can see the given name and surname of the child  and the year the child was born, free of charge! . By ordering the information on one of the children listed,  you also get the father's name, the mother's name, the father's father, and  when available the mother's father. You get the image of the entry in the original metrika too! This supports on-going research in original records for everyone.  More will be added frequently but as of Sept 2018, Chudnov is complete, and these are all of the names from Polonnoye. Look for Zhitomer shortly. 
The price is 18.00 USD per individual birth record. (Order from the "Metrika and Revision List" links on this page or anywhere on website.)You can see the names in the images on this page, and this list lets you search digitally as well.  

A full list of Surnames  in the Polonnoye and Baranovka documents on this page are in the  images on the page but this way you can search for them both visually and digitally. 
Bukis; Dorfman; Drukman; Freider; Fremderman; Furbank; Gekhberg; Gokh; Grinfeld; 
Illiegitimate - 2 with no surnames given; Kaplan; Kantor; Karson; Khaitman; Korovin;
Lesavoy; Marmerberg; Nizhnik; Pansovy; Perlmuter; Pronman; Ravitz; Roitman; Roizman; Rutman;
Shamotzkin; Shamusman; Shternman; Shvartzman; Tzartchis; Urgman; Urtzman; Vald; Vaynshteyn; Zafran

If you would like me to post the listing of 74 infants from Berdichev listed in that Chudnov metrika, please drop me a note!

Lyubar See the soon to-be-added List of Lyubar Births in the Chudnov Metrika and the new additions to the  Lyubar Conscript list of 1875  and the Voters Lists of Lyubar for 1906 and 1907 on the Lyubar kehilla site https://kehilalinks.jewishgen.org/Lyubar/
Thank-you Ellen!  The Voters List will provide over five hundred names of Voters Living in Lyubar in 1906 and 1907, free! You just pay 14.00 for the added information (father, tax status, and sequence information from tax lists) and  you are able to provide  crucial support for on-going research in original records for everyone.  The Birth Register of Chudnov holds the names of seventy-four children and with fathers, mothers, and grandfathers, names over 340 people. You get over 148 of them free! The purchase of records from Metrika and Revision Lists is 18.00  USD per individual birth record. The purchase of records from Conscription Lists, Tax Lists,  and Voters Lists is 14.00 USD per individual record.
Just go to the links in the box labeled Menu of Free Lists and also go to any message box on these pages and tell me who you want from what list.

These are the towns for which I can currently construct the Birth Records from Chudnov 1897-1904 (the years 1898, 190, and 1903 are missing). The number of births for each town is noted. 
Annopol 4; Baranovka 11; Berdichev 74; Berezdov 3; Chartoryia 7; Chudnov (not yet counted); Dubin 4; Gaysin 2; Gritzev 4; Khmelnik 5; Kodima 4; Koretz 3; Krasnopol 1; Krasnostav 3; Kupel 3; Lubun or Labun 10; Lyubar 74; Makhnova 2; Miropol 22; Malin 5; Nikolayev (Mikolayev) 3; Nov Chartoryia 3; Novo Fastov 2; Novokonstantinov 2; Novo Ushitza 1; Novogrod Volinsky 6; Ostropol 13; Piatka 18; Pogachev 3; Polonnoye 38; Radzvilov 5; Raigorod 2; Rogatchev 4; Romanov 18; Rovno 4; Shargorod 2; Shepetovka 1; Skvera 8; Slavuta 2; Staro Sinyava 5; Starokonstantinov 6; Sudelkov 2; Tchernobyl 2;  Troyanov 15; Ulanov 13; Vinnitsa 2; Yanov 3;  Yanushpol 28;  Zaslav 6;  Zhitomir 34; Zinkov 2; Zorokhov 2. There are more towns with a single birth listed. 
The top five for births in Chudnov are:
Lyubar 74; Berdichev 74;  Polonnoye 38; Zhitomir 34;  
Ostropol 13


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​​The image of Baranovka Jewish Boys added to Conscription List (copyright  2018) was created by Deborah Glassman  from research material in the Volinski Vedemosti. Each of the boys was born either in Baranovka or another Russian Empire town in 1874, and each was reported with his father, a birth date, and a specific place of birth. Those born in other towns were born to fathers legally resident in Baranovka. ​​
The image of Jewish Legal Residents of Polonnoye in the Chudnov Metrika 1897-1904  (copyright  2018) was created by Deborah Glassman from research, translation, and indexing of government records put on-line by Alex Krakovsky and held by the Zhitomir Archives in Ukraine. If viewing the table on a phone obscures columns,the columns for all but the last indicate I definitely have more info on father, father's father, and mother. The last column for mother's father is  marked whether I have that info for that party.
Soviet Military Records for Ostropol, Lyubar, and Starokonstantinov

Click on the link to go to this page on this website which looks at how to find the records of Jews from your town! I tell you how to do it yourself, or if you don't want to search through hundreds of possibles, to request the info from me, for just 14.00 USD each.

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