​​The Jewish Families of Ostropol
 Researching  Jewish Families in the territories of the Russian Empire and in the small Ukrainian town of Ostropol


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Searching the Ostropol Jewish Community's Revision ​​and Supplemental Lists 1834-1840 by Heads of Family
by Deborah Glassman,   copyright 2018
There are 361 Heads of Family in the 1834 Ostropol Revision Lists and the four small Ostropol Supplements from 1834-1840. There are more than 1700 people in the full list and only detailed analysis will let you figure out all of the nuances. For that I strongly recommend my book, ​you can see on our New Publication page   Ostropol’s Revision List of 1834: Using the Entire List for New Info on Your Family by Deborah Glassman, copyright 2018
But maybe you are trying to determine if your family is named in it. Then this list of heads of family will get you moving in the right direction. You can then order by individual, or by household, but if you are buying more than three people, the book itself is a better bargain. When you buy the book, you get the analysis, the context of seeing your family near their close neighbors,and the images of every page in the Revision List.

This Page has a Free and Full List of the Head of Every Jewish Family in Ostropol in 1834-1840! Click the link to pay and go to a form anywhere on this website and tell me which individuals you want me to look up and send you by email. Allow up to two weeks but I will probably be able to get it to you within a couple of business days. You can  see by looking at the accompanying tables if the information includes their father's name, a spouse, children, birth year, death year, and other. 

This is a list of the surnames  of the 1834 Revision List and its Supplements. Some names are in parenthesis in their American forms to help you recognize them. A full list is in the images on this page, but this way you can search for them both visually and digitally.  
Abramzon;  Akselrood; Barash; Baratz; Barona; Bayzerman; Begelfer; Beker; Belduver ; Belenki; Belfer; Belovski; Bergman;  Biali; Blomberg; Bluberg; Bomberg; Boordatch; Braverman; Bresman; Brodski; Broifuk; Bromberg; Bron; Bronberg; Bronfuks; Bronshteyn; Deitch; Dolgi; Dzuba; Dzus;  Feldman;  Freyerman; Fuks;
Galperin (Halperin); Gedritz; Geis; Gekhenberg (Echenberg); Gelser; Geltzer; Genyes; Genyuk; Geyzenshteyn (Aisenstein); Gilberg; Gilik (Gillick); Gilman; Glusman; Gochbarg; Goichberg; Goikhenberg (Echenberg); Goldberg; Goldach; Goldeshyuk; Goldich; Goldman; Grinsper  (Greensport); Groisman (Grossman); Grunberg (Greenberg); Grunshteyn (Greenstein); Gubernik; Guler (Giler); Gurshnik
Kabran; Kadushovich; Kaliner; Kamloon; Kantor; Kantoretz; Katz; Kaytan; Khariton; Khemluk; Khenyuk; Kheshyak; Khmelnitsky; Khodyak; Khodyes; Khudyak  (Chodiak, Chudiak); Khvonyik; Kibrun; Kirzner; Kleiner; Klubok; Kom; Korodkin; Kovel; Krimer; Ledin; Letis; Leveram?; Levi; Lissy; Lisyuk; Litzyuk; Mayster; Medinker; Meerzon  (Meyerson); Melamed; Milimovka; Milimovska; Milrod; Milrood; Morozhnik; Nudelman
Oikhenberg (Echenberg); Oishenteyn (Aisenstein); Okhetz; Oks; Ostri; Perlin; Perlmuter; Podsar; Podzhar; Polansky; Polishuk; Politzuk; Polonski; Rabenka; Rabinovich; Reikhman; Rekmanyik; Rubinshteyn (Rubinstein); Rudenberg; Rudshteyn (Rudstein); Rurka; Rutberg; Rutman; Selsberg; Sevrenski; Shain; Shamis; Sheiberg; Sheinfeld; Sherberg; Shimel; Shlain; Shnitzer; Sholomonovich; Shpigelburd; Shpitz?; Shtarkberg (Starkberg); Shteynberg (Steinberg)
Shuster; Shvartzburd (Schwartzburd); Shvartzer (Schwartzer); Shvartzman (Schwartzman); Sirota; Skeletski; Sopreivnik; Srukh ; Streiknik; Surny; Teytelbaum; Urka  (Rurka); Vayner  (Weiner); Vaynshteyn (Weinstein); Vaysburd (Weisburd); Vayser (Weiser); Vaysman (Weisman); Vugman (Wagman); Yebednik; Zabarka; Zaguki; Zaluki; Zemlyak; Zigelbeim; Zilberberg;

 The entries are numbered in all of these images. The right hand side of the page has people through number 256, with the last two images on the bottom left. 


The images start down the right side of the page, just so I could get a longer continuous run of data with the last images being presented in the left hand column at the bottom.



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