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The Wedding Palace in Kharkiv, where government marriage licenses were issued in both Soviet and Ukrainian administrations in one of the many, Ukrainian cities where former Ostropolers resided. Seek the records from various  RAGS offices in the towns of residence to which a 20th century resident moved from Ostropol!

Boris Gilik  of Ostropol was buried in Starokonstantinov cemetery in 2010. No one else by this surname is buried there. Can we check Ukrainian burial records to see who was the informant or his occupation or address?

Records of Ostropol’s Jews in Ukraine 1991 to date 
by Deborah G. Glassman, copyright 2019

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This Section of the Jewish Families of Ostropol website  includes those records on Jews from Ostropol who were still living in Ukraine following Ukrainian independence in 1991. Each had been born in Ostropol before 1940. Most had survived the Holocaust by living elsewhere during the German invasion of the Soviet Union. 

If they were children during WWII, they probably had survived by their families' relocation to other towns before the War, or  "evacuation" by the Soviet government just prior to the war. If they were young adults during WWII, they may have been in the Soviet military, University, or living in a major city farther from the borders with the west. Only two known Jews were living in Ostropol after the 1991 independence of Ukraine from the Soviet Union, both were veterans of the Soviet military who had come to Ostropol after the war. One was  a tank commander whose husband was employed in Ostropol, and one was an Ostropol native who married and returned to the town, Anatoly Polansky.

So most of the records that we can seek, are the vital records of Jews born in Ostropol before World War II who were living in other Ukrainian towns after 199. That year, the youngest of those born in Ostropol were in their fifties. I do not know yet, if they will appear on the records of their children with the Ostropol birthplace specified. Perhaps on some records, and not on others, I will make inquiries in 2019. But their own records of marriage and death should show that information.

The Vital Records system of Ukraine is called by the acronym RAGS (had been ZAGS  in the Soviet period). If a person born in Ostropol grew up in Kharkov, the records of marriage of that Ostropoler, his siblings, and cousins who lived in Kharkov, including that held previously by the Soviet offices,  should be held by the RAGS office and give you valuable info.

You cannot bury in a Ukrainian cemetery without a death record and burial permit.

This page was created as a Section Head to bring together the resources on Ukrainian records since 1991 - your research will be impacted by the Ukrainain Archive laws; the laws regarding burial in StaroKonstantinov, Kiev, and Kharkov; the laws relating to accessing Vital Records in Kiev and Lviv, where your kinsmen may have resided since Ukrainian independence. But right now, it is a landing page, with little attached. It will be  expanded in June  2019 to make it a resource in it's own right. Please come back to see what we have learned and can share!

Jews who had moved away from Ostropol during the Soviet period, moved to many different Ukrainian cities. They lived in large cities, and never returned to the devastated town from which they began.  But if they were still living in Ukraine after 1991, we need to find the records created about them there. If you have information on Ukrainian records today, please share.  Or you can help us fund the research and find the records. Contribute to our work!



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